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Exceeding Expectations
Since 1980

S&L Designs has been a luxury furniture manufacturer since 1980 that has striven to produce a wide range of exceptional metal furniture and accessories. Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of becoming a trusted metal resource for a host of clients, from local design professionals to large national retailers.

Our customers know that we prefer to ensure the continuing quality and flexibility of our product line by maintaining on-site production facilities. Mere steps from our Dallas,TX offices, modern technology and old-world craftsmanship meet to create a vast array of quality metal furnishings and accessories, available in a multitude of hand-painted finishes.

From the manufacturing of extensive contract and private label collections, to the creation of custom one-of-a kind accent pieces, we at S&L Designs welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

History & Clientele

S&L Designs has been in the business since 1980, providing product to Hospitality, Retail and Interior Design industries. All manufacturing is done by our factory and foundry in the United States. Recycled materials are the principal component of our product.

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